Beaded bracelets for a good cause

Past guests of BHS will know our safari packs have always included beautiful beaded bracelets, which were produced in collaboration with Relate. Those bracelets were in support of a variety of causes for wildlife, healthcare, education, and helped to generate employment and income opportunities in local communities – something we firmly believe is key to conservation and ecotourism. Now, we’re very excited to be able to offer our own BHS beaded bracelets for a good cause, which we have produced in partnership with Nourish nonprofit organisation – a local charity based on the outskirts of the Greater Kruger National Park.

What’s more is that while we give each guest travelling with us one of our bracelets as a gift, we have also made them available as take-home gifts and keepsakes in exchange for a small donation, which will go directly to Nourish. For just R50, or the equivalent in whatever cash currency you have on hand (±3-5 USD, GBP, EUR), you can take home one of these handmade bracelets to family and friends, threaded with our chosen bushveld-colour beads and a specially stamped BHS charm. The donation is just a guideline, and you’re welcome to donate a little extra if you’d like to!

We are so pleased to have taken the initiative in-house, so to speak, and to work in conjunction with Nourish on this special project. The way it works is we purchase the materials needed and hand them over to the team at Nourish who works with a group of bracelet-beading women in the Greater Kruger buffer zone community. These women string our bracelets together and attach our unique tags and then we buy the bracelets back from them through the organised Nourish initiative.

When our clients “purchase” a bracelet (or two or three!) the payment is received as a donation and goes directly to Nourish, contributing to various projects that focus on micro economics in these buffer zone communities. The aim is to contribute to job creation, sustainable income generation, and integration of people who live near protected wildlife areas into local tourism.

What we love about these pieces of African jewellery is that they are small and compact, making them easy to pick up and travel home with. We chose colours that match the seasonal tones of the bushveld, where your safari memories are born, and we hope that you will wear these bracelets and remember with fondness the incredible experience you had with us.

Handmade in the Greater Kruger buffer zone community.

Stylish and unisex.

Available for small change in South African rands, or in your local currency.

In exchange for a donation that supports ecotourism.

Great as gifts.

For a good cause!