on foot
Experience the bush like never before. 
Being on foot in the bush brings a new dimension to an immersive nature experience. It removes a layer from your sense of security, and suddenly you become aware of your place in the wild. It brings so much potential for a deeper connection with the natural world.  Walking safaris are about looking closely at the tracks and signs of animals, examining the details of the landscape, and blending in with the bush. Led by a professional trails guide, this is one of the most impactful safari activities in Africa.
A huge thank you to Brett for the most incredible week in the Pafuri on a primitive walking safari. A true privilege to experience the bush up close. This was our 7th safari trip with Brett and his team, thank you for always being so professional and providing us with the foundation to experience conservation up close.
South Africa

Primitive Trails

These are multi-day guided walking trails through wildlife areas where you carry everything you need in your pack. It is an experience that takes you back to your hunter-gatherer roots and simplifies your needs for survival. Sleep under the stars, keep watch at night, spend a lot of time in silence in some of nature’s most pristine protected areas.

Mobile Camps

Walking trails that begin and end each day at a mobile campsite, which is set up and taken down each day by a ground crew while you head out with your guide to explore on foot. You carry a light pack and have the chance to enjoy rustic comforts at the end of each day as you arrive at a base camp.

Why we love being on foot...
Connect to your roots. 
Feel a part of your hunter-gatherer history as you sense what life walking in the wild might have been like.
Encounter wildlife on foot.
Experience the thrill of viewing Africa’s iconic wildlife as an equal in their natural habitat.
Look a little closer. 
See the tracks and signs left behind by animals great and small as you discover the bush in detail.
Start an adventure. 
Want to explore Africa, but not sure where to start or who to trust with your dream safari? Setup a free 15-minute consultation with one of our safari specialists. 
You can trust BHS to make your safari dreams come true...
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When you travel with us, you benefit from our intimate knowledge of people and places, gaining access to a trusted network of safari experts.
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You can invest in your dream African experience with full confidence and comfort knowing that we are accredited, experienced, and insured.  
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