Discover Nzumba - one of Greater Kruger's greatest escapes

Where is Nzumba located?

Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger

We’ve got a special place in our hearts for the Klaserie Reserve, so the location of Nzumba alone puts this camp onto our radar. Plus, Nzumba’s specific location in a remote north-western corner of the Klaserie makes it even more of a treat in terms of its positioning.

The Klaserie is already quieter than its neighbouring reserves in the Greater Kruger, so a safari experience in this territory feels more exclusive, secretive, and special in comparison. The landscape is sublime, incorporating river frontage, rocky rises and valleys, and it is the largest of the reserves in the Greater Kruger at over 60,000 hectares of room for the Big 5 to roam. More space with fewer safari lodges sharing the roads means the Klaserie - and particularly Nzumba - offers a beautifully peaceful experience in the bush.

Views as far as the eye can see at Nzumba, northwestern Klaserie.

What is the Nzumba safari experience about?

Feeling like you’re the only one in the world on safari.

Nzumba’s safari experience is about the privacy you get in a beautiful natural space freely occupied by wildlife (and not many other humans). The real treat here is not having to share sightings with vehicles from nearby lodges.

When we spent a night at Nzumba in November, we had three different leopard sightings, which is a testament to the incredible abundance and balance of wildlife in the reserve, but the cherry on top was that we could spend a long time in these sightings, watching, photographing, marvelling at their presence. No one was waiting in the wings to join us. Bliss!

Nzumba is about creating the feeling of being warmly hosted by friends or family, so you’ll get a wonderful meet and greet on arrival, and be invited to make yourself at home. You’ll form a connection with your guide and tracker as they are finely attuned to your specific wildlife interests, and you’ll be joined for dinner by your hosts who will serve you wine made at the camp owner’s wine farm. Expect to meet the chefs as they present dinner, and enjoy the outstanding and personalised hospitality during your stay.

What is accommodation like at Nzumba?

Five thatched chalets that can be booked individually, or make up an exclusive booking for a group of 10 people.

The accommodation at Nzumba is in five stone and thatch chalets, which each have ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioning, mini-bars and coffee stations, a lounge, and a veranda with a view of the gardens, pool, and waterhole. The independent rooms flank the main house - all contained within a perimeter fence, which is an unobtrusive measure of security, keeping larger wildlife out of the lodge grounds. Beyond the fence is a massive expanse of wilderness and roaming animals in their natural habitat.

The rooms and the rest of the camp are built and designed as a traditional South African farmstead, and there is plenty of hand-carved wood, homely furniture, and cool slate and dark tile. It feels nostalgic and heart-warming, and there are personal touches that stand out, like welcome notes and romantic additions for couples celebrating special occasions.

What facilities are there at Nzumba?

Indoor and outdoor spaces to be enjoyed at mealtimes and chill times, all overlooking a big waterhole.

Just like a traditional farmstead, the heart of Nzumba has a lounge with a fireplace and a library, a dining room for family-style meals, a bar for those evenings indoors leading onto a balcony with a superb view. There is plenty of space to relax and spend time together as a group, while the individual bedrooms offer a quiet place to spend time in solitude.

The lodge is set back on an open, green lawn, with a swimming pool, sun loungers, and place for a garden breakfast in the shade overlooking the biggest attraction of the lodge - the waterhole. Just beyond the lawn, the waterhole draws a frequent stream of wildlife to the edges of Nzumba and gives guests the great pleasure of watching wading elephants, giraffe, warthog, buffalo, big cats, and a host of Klaserie’s wild resident animals as they come to take a drink.

Bringing more tradition and thrill to the Nzumba safari experience is the boma, where open-air dining around a dancing fire makes for some of our all time favourite safari memories.

The spaces and facilities of the camp are available for exclusive-use safari bookings, which are offered on a self-catering basis. A core team of staff will be there to keep the campgrounds and rooms in shape while you and your family make Nzumba your own.

Why do we love Nzumba as a Greater Kruger safari destination?

Plenty of reasons, but here are a handful of the top reasons we love Nzumba as a safari camp option in the Greater Kruger:

  • Remote and private location in the Klaserie - far away from the crowds
  • Family friendly - reduced rates for children, and kids of all ages welcome
  • Available as an exclusive-use self-catering basis for groups of up to 10
  • Just five chalets, keeping things small, intimate, and peaceful
  • Warmly hosted by a small team of dedicated staff
  • The waterhole - it just keeps things interesting, morning, noon, and night. Keep your eyes peeled!

How to book at Nzumba

As an exclusive-use safari option in a premium part of the Greater Kruger, Nzumba is often booked up many months in advance for family holidays and long weekends. It is accessible to South Africans and international guests alike and it’s one of the special places that can offer it all to families with kids in search of a safari destination.

It takes some insider knowledge to get the scoop and know when Nzumba has availability and when they are running a special rate, so reach out to us and we’ll be able to tell you the best dates available at fully inclusive or self-catering rates. Find us at