Easy ways you can help support Nourish

These are the easy ways you can help BHS support Nourish’s projects aimed at integrating people living in the Greater Kruger buffer zone communities with local tourism. This is integral to achieving the goals of ecotourism and filtering the economic benefits of tourism through to the less developed, impoverished areas of South Africa. Our guests automatically form part of this cycle just by booking their safari with us, but for those who wish to do more and make a personal contribution to Nourish, these are the budget-friendly ways to do so.

Pack for a Purpose

This globally known initiative is one of the easiest and most direct ways to support a non-profit organisation in a country you are visiting on holiday. Nourish is part of the Pack for a Purpose network, making this a great way for our guests to support its specific needs. For those who don’t know, “packing for a purpose” means that you can bring much needed supplies for Nourish in your luggage when you pack for your trip. Save a couple of kilograms in your suitcase and squeeze in some items to donate! Nourish has a list of things that are helpful for growing the various projects based on location in the Greater Kruger region.

  • Sewing supplies/crafting: fabric; felt; fabric scissors; tape measures; thread; zippers; snaps; glass & colourful beads; earring hooks; glass bead making kit; key-ring chains; gauge wire; small pliers; sewing machines; super glue; safety pins, etc.
  • School supplies: stationary packs – pencil cases, including pens (black and blue), pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, glue sticks; school backpacks; calculators; A4 lined school books/notepaper; laminated wall charts on mathematics & English; world map; small and large paint brushes.
  • Computer software/hardware: educational software; memory sticks; mobile phones (smart phones with camera capability); tablets and working laptops.
  • Kitchen: children’s plastic serving bowls, cups, plates, and spoons for the pre-school children feeding scheme; cupcake trays; bread tins; Tupperware for storage; soup packets; soya mince packets; salt; sugar; tea.
  • Gardening: gardening gloves; hand fork; pruning shears; spades; trowel; non-GMO vegetable seeds; watering cans; educational gardening books; gumboots; seedling trays.
  • Sports/yoga: soccer balls; soccer kit clothing; ball pump; soccer nets; bicycle-related equipment, including pumps, helmets, water bottle; tyre repair kits; yoga mats, blocks, and straps.
  • Health & hygiene: facecloths; soap; toothbrushes; toothpaste; educational posters (laminated wall charts) on hygiene or human body; first aid supplies; antibiotic ointment; stomach cramp tablets; itch/burn cream; plasters.
  • Clothing & linen: any previously/gently loved clothing, bed linen, towels, curtains, caps, shoes, etc.
  • Kids camping gear: headlamps; torches; AA or AAA batteries; sleeping bags; foam mats; bird books; binoculars; duffel bags; mosquito nets & insect repellent.
  • Animal outreach: dog food; dog tick & flea dip; tick and flea shampoo; collars; leashes; muzzles; bottles/syringes; dog bedding; surgical gloves; wound spray; blankets; brushes and combs; food and water bowls; Frontline, de-worming meds.

Visit Nourish Eco Village

Nourish Eco Village’s location on the road towards to Kruger National Park’s Orpen Gate puts it right in Greater Kruger territory, which is perfect for our guests who are joining us on safari in the Timbavati, Klaserie, Manyeleti, Sabi Sand, or Balule Private Nature Reserves. The Eco Village is designed not only to service the local community, but it has grown to include some great tourism features, making it a great place for guests to stop and have a look around.

There is a curio shop with locally made crafts for sale; there is a small coffee shop up and running; a permaculture garden; a crèche; and even backpackers and volunteer accommodation complete with a bar. Guided tours of the Eco Village are an excellent way to see for yourself what good these projects are doing and there is always an opportunity for visitors to donate useful items and participate in various activities.

Our guests who are travelling from one safari lodge to another in the Greater Kruger have an amazing opportunity to stop at Nourish, adding such value to their South African safari experience, and of course, giving them an opportunity to give back.

Make a donation

From afar, often the only way to contribute is to make a financial donation. For guests who would like to take this course of action, we can say that every amount counts, and we can tell you where your money is going. Below is a guideline for where financial donations are directed when you donate through BHS Safari Company.

  • R300 buys a girl re-usable sanitary pads.

This is one of the greatest ways to make a difference in the lives of young women and girls in poverty-stricken and remote areas in South Africa, while also relieving the natural environment of pollution related to sanitary products. Nourish has developed an initiative to produce reusable sanitary pads through a local seamstress, Ivy. Ivy is a disabled woman living in the Greater Kruger buffer zone community and through Nourish, she is supplied with the goods needed to sew these pads, which are then distributed to women in need.

  • R350 buys a child a school uniform

Kitting children out with a school uniform is about instilling pride and self-confidence, and it helps to encourage participation and enthusiasm for learning, teamwork, sports, and commitment. With education at the heart of Nourish’s work, this is not only a personal donation for our guests, but it carries enormous, long-term value in helping Nourish achieve its goals.

These financial contributions create ripple effects across the board, and by making a once-off donation to a cause close to your heart, you have the capacity to change the lives of individual people living in the Greater Kruger area.

Every donation is valued, no matter the amount. We hope that these guidelines are helpful, but if you would like to find out about making a more substantial donation to Nourish, or becoming a full time supporter of the projects, we encourage you to get in touch with us personally on hello@bhs-safari.co.