Fly away and find RockFig - a firm favourite in the Timbavati

Born from a dream...

... to belong in the beautiful Timbavati, and named after a territorial leopard queen, RockFig Safari Lodge exudes - in architectural splendour - a home in the bush. Evolving over the last 20 years to offer a carefully and deliberately curated safari experience for fellow bush-lovers and nature-escape enthusiasts, this family-owned lodge offers an incredible safari experience for other families. 

And honeymoon couples (with its 25% off honeymoon special)

Why is RockFig Safari Lodge a romantic destination?

Just when you might think that a family-friendly lodge can’t also be a place for the quiet romance sought by honeymooners, think again. With only six suites, accommodating 12 people at most, there is plenty of room for just a few people, and the emphasis on discreet, personalised service means your needs will be seen to with careful consideration and attention. 

Each of the luxury suites is spacious, inviting you to spend plenty of time in your room, enjoying the privacy and the luxury amenities. You’ll have a bathtub to fill with bubbles, both an indoor and outdoor shower, a private verandah with a view of the bush and in-room services available to you that include candlelit dinners and spa treatments on request. Ask about one of the furthest-flung suites for ultimate privacy.

Even your game drive time does not have to be shared with a group, as families get their own guide and vehicle… This is an incredibly well thought-out and highly valued element of RockFig that is just not made available at many other lodges. 

What about families on safari?

What many first-time (or many-time) safari goers might not know is that when you’re planning a trip to Africa with children, the search for the right family safari lodge is a challenge. While many camps can accommodate kids of a certain age, there are precious few that welcome and embrace the family safari experience. RockFig Safari Lodge is one of those with an emphasis on family fun, welcoming children and families with special activities and facilities that put both kids and parents at ease. 

There are a handful of special places in some of the most popular safari destinations in southern Africa that are designed to cater for youngsters, and when it comes to interactive, exciting, exploratory, and entertaining experiences for kids, RockFig has an offering that is hard to beat. 

What makes RockFig family-friendly?

  • Children of all ages are welcome.
  • There are special rates for children, saving families money: Ages 0-5 stay for free; ages 6-16 stay at 50% of the adult rate when sharing with a parent. 
  • Up to four people can be accommodated in one room. 
  • The whole lodge can be booked out exclusively for a group of 12 (plus room for an additional four children), but that doesn’t mean that’s the only time kids are allowed. Small families needing only one or two rooms are accommodated in as much comfort on an individual basis. 
  • A family or group of four or more will automatically get a private safari vehicle, guide, and tracker without an additional charge (this is a big bonus, as is usually only available at an extra charge). 
  • A private vehicle means the game drive experience can be tailored to suit the time schedule and interests of children, who may need to stop for a bathroom break, a refreshment, or head back to the lodge for bath time earlier than is typical.
  • There is an interactive open-plan kitchen and a wood-fired pizza oven, both of which create a fun family-style atmosphere and encourages children to get involved at meal times.
  • The lodge grounds are secured with a perimeter fence, which is unobtrusive but adds an element of safety.

Safari and much, much more…

The “much more” begins with private safari vehicles for groups of four or more and continues to the wonderfully thought-out spaces for shared, yet uncrowded, enjoyment at the lodge. A swimming pool that is popularly slurped from by elephants with mobile trunks, and both indoor and outdoor dining and lounging spaces that invite total relaxation. 

The entire experience at RockFig embodies an ethos of authenticity, and added extras like the fresh focus on food (from an on-site veggie garden), to special dining setups (just because you deserve it), and a genuine warmth in the hospitality of the staff. The origin of family and the owners’ passion carries through in the spirit of things at RockFig, whether you’re there for romance or dedicated time with your family and children. 

BHS highly recommends:

  • Request a spa treatment - a pre-booked massage for enjoyment in your own room just adds to the sense of peace and tranquility in the bush. 
  • Ask us to hook you up with the two incredible special promotions - a chunk off for honeymooners, and a free night on a 4-night stay. Reach out for more details and let us find out about availability for you. 
  • Book this place out entirely and have it all to yourselves. 
  • Take a walk on the wild side (children 14 years and older). The safari guides at RockFig are trained for trails, which means you can opt for a bush walk and enhance your experience in the bush tenfold. 

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