It's a kind of magic: Camp George

It really is a kind of magic

And you'll feel it when you walk down Camp George's winding garden pathways, punctuated by blushing impala lilies and green fountains of rare cycads. A tranquil retreat, manicured and curated, yet indigenous and earthy. The magic is in the atmosphere, which sings of art and Africa, and it is in the warm welcome and detailed attention you'll receive the moment you arrive.

Camp George is high on our list as a Greater Kruger accommodation option for seekers of understated luxury and safari excellence.

Backed by a long history in the Klaserie, Camp George is something of a foundational character in the reserve's story. You'd never know it first opened its doors 35 years ago, given its vibrant appearance and striking collection of modern African art. But its prime positioning on a quiet riverbed is a reminder that it was one of the earlier homes to plant its roots in this natural wilderness.

An aerial photo of the old Camp George, long ago when it was a loved family holiday home.

Let's start with the basics.

Accommodation and facilities at Camp George:

There are just eight luxury suites - all have private decks that look onto the riverbed, outdoor showers with open-air views, wi-fi, air-conditioning, and mini-bars. Two are inter-leading, which together make a shared suite fit for a family.

There is a spa offering massages, a gym for fitness-forward travellers, a boma for campfire dining under the stars, and a swimming pool in the garden grounds.

There is a perimeter fence that is unobtrusive, but that keeps the grounds safe for human movement and allows for perfect viewing of the waterhole just beyond.

Children over the age of eight are welcome, offering young families with kids of a curious age a place to learn about and love nature.

Why do we love Camp George?

The design, décor and art.

The art influence at Camp George is phenomenal - the presence of woven, crafted, sewn and cast features on the walls and adorning the surfaces brings a living energy to every space. Big, bronze sculptures of animals captured in their true size and essence greet you as you pass them; African textiles are hybridised with simple earthiness and, combining the bright expression of colourful cultures with the muted majesty of the bush. In your rooms, wall-to-wall headboards are works of African jungle art, colourfully depicting the figures of rhinos, elephants, monkeys, and giraffes and giving unique character to each suite.

The gardens.

Mature trees, like fever and baobab, offer abundant shade and green grass, creating a gentle oasis surrounded by the prickly wilderness beyond the boundaries. On the inside, it's a tranquil place of garden picnics and dozy afternoons by the pool - a safe space to relax and watch elephants and zebras visit the waterhole on hot afternoons. The gardens that connect the rooms and spaces at Camp George are a celebration of indigenous plants, from the rarest of South African cycads to the most easily germinated Lowveld favourites. The presence of oxygen-generating greenery in the garden really does bring the "best of both worlds" into focus.

The riverbed positioning.

There's something about a riverbed - any bush-local will attest. A seasonal drainage line is a blank canvas for tracks in the dry season, and a trough after the rains that quenches the thirst of hundreds of hoofed animals and leathery-skinned mammals that stroll along its banks. Camp George was built in the nook of a river bend, tucked into the shade of deep-rooted trees and overlooking the sandy bed of a long-established pathway for seasonal water. All eight suites have a spot along its banks, and of course each one has a spot for you to sit in the quiet and let the story of the river unfold before you.

BHS Team Comments:

We've been to Camp George, so we know what we're talking about when it comes to match-making safari experiences for our guests. Our team opinion is important, so we asked one of our recent visitors how she felt about a few things.

Wildlife activity and safari experience.

Eye-for-design and BHS Merch Manager, Cecilia, was naturally most awed by the beautiful appearance of Camp George, but she loves a slice of safari too, so we asked her to comment on her game drive experience too.

"We only had one night at Camp George, so I knew we only had two shots at some good game viewing. And it turned out that was all we needed! The big cats were out and about, and we had both lion and leopard on our drive. A testament to the density of cats in Klaserie, and the ability of Camp George's guides to get us what we really wanted in a short stay!"

Room and facilities.

"I really appreciated the choices of art and the nature of design in the rooms and throughout the lodge. Art really brings a space to life, and when that art depicts life, even more so. In terms of comfort and convenience, we truly wanted for nothing. The lodge and rooms have been designed for living. The bathrooms are open-plan with the bedrooms, so there isn't a huge amount of privacy - something to bear in mind if you're a closed-door kind of person!"

"There was a lot of energy both indoors and outdoors, and each interior and exterior space spoke really well to one another." - Cecilia, BHS Merchandise Manager

Service, staff, and food.

"I always find this is the element that really makes or breaks a lodge experience. The people behind the service, the cooking, and the safari activities are who make it all work (or not work!). And Camp George immediately hit the ball out of the park. Above all else, I felt like I was a valued guest and my happiness and satisfaction were all that mattered. I wasn't the only guest there, and I can only imagine the other guests felt the same way. Attention to detail, genuine warmth, special touches truly made this experience."

Above all else, I felt like I was a valued guest and my happiness and satisfaction were all that mattered. I wasn't the only guest there, and I can only imagine the other guests felt the same way.