On the Podcast: Ambrose Letoluai talking black leopards of Kenya

Back when Giza the black leopard sensation of Kenya was a mere whisper among local leopard researchers, we missioned to Kenya and met with Ambrose Letoluai, who has the dream job of tracking these elusive cats.

Seeking out the rare and enigmatic creatures of this wild continent has always been a primary motivator for BHS and speaks right to our Explorer archetype.

So, when there was barely a chance (but a chance nonetheless) to see a black leopard in Africa back in 2017, Brett and a couple of die-hard guests set off to meet the researchers and guides who had been tracking these elusive cats in a dramatically vast landscape, and that's when we first crossed paths with the legendary Ambrose Letoluai.

Listen to our podcast with Ambrose:

Ambrose Letoluai - leopard researcher, conservationist, and advocate for healthy human-wildlife ecosystems in his home country of Kenya.

A leopard researcher, National Geographic Explorer, NEWF Fellow, award-winning conservationist, and co-founder of community support initiatives, ⁠Chui Mamas⁠ and ⁠Wildlife Kids Resource Centre⁠, Ambrose is a busy man, but he is a friend of BHS and we love that he gave us 30 minutes to chat. Tuning in from his home in Kenya, Ambrose joined Brett and fellow black leopard enthusiast, Charlotte Arthun, who is also a professional photographic guide, and at the time of recording was a few days away from her next trip to Laikipia to photograph the famous cats!

Brett and photographic guide, Charlotte Arthun talk black leopards of Kenya while Ambrose joins the conversation via Zoom.

Group chat about our experiences with Giza, the female black leopard of Laikipia, Kenya.

Ambrose was part of the team of researchers who named Giza - the now well known black female leopard. His ancestors talked about seeing these black cats living among them, and he was one of the first researchers to report the initial sightings on their camera traps. Now, his career is a dedication to mitigating conflict between rural communities and wildlife, working to keep leopard populations healthily independent so that they don't venture into human farmlands.

His Wildlife Kids initiative is something to be proud of and it speaks right to our belief that environmental education for young members the communities living among wildlife is the key to creating a future of wildlife protectors. Ambrose is the guy who does it all with whatever he's got to give and aside from his "dream job" as a leopard researcher, he is truly making a difference through his community work.

Find out more about his initiatives via the links about and ⁠follow Ambrose on Instagram⁠ to keep up with his crazy life with black leopards and as a conservationist in Kenya.

Check out our privately guided BHS Expedition: ⁠The Original Search for the Black Leopard⁠ to see what it takes to join us in Laikipia. And here's a snapshot of one of our guest's sighting of the black leopard on safari last year.

Giza, black panther, photographed by our friend Jonty Bozas last year while on safari at Laikipia Wilderness Camp.

Thanks to Karabo Ramahuhashi @⁠karaborej⁠ who edited this season of the podcast for us, and to Trent Ashton @⁠trent_ashton_nightingale⁠ who gave us his hand-drum beat to use in our intro.

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