On the Podcast: Campfire Conversations with Ian Harmer (ft. Jo Cooper)

The great rhino dilemma, Zimbabwe's Matopos magic, and Cecil Rhodes' scenic grave site...

Devoted Zimbabwean and professional guide of over 34 years, Ian Harmer is an experienced and passionate anti-poaching ranger with a convincing argument for legalising the rhino horn trade. He is a human historian and salt of the Earth human himself who "grew up in the hills" outside Bulawayo and still lives there.

Ian dialled in to talk to Brett from his home in the magical Matobo Hills, while we sat on the banks of the Klaserie River and we got stuck into a virtual campfire conversation for the first episode of season 4 on the podcast. Joined by Jo Cooper, we shared a couple of Windhoek lagers as we discussed the sustainable utilisation of a wild animal... it's a mind boggling conversation to be having.

A virtual campfire conversation joining the Greater Kruger and the Magical Matobo Hills - Ian Harmer, Brett Horley, and Jo Cooper get stuck into a fascinating chat on Zoom.

Behind the scenes in our season 4 podcast studio, Jo and Brett dial in from the Greater Kruger.

Ian's opinion and insights into the rhino poaching problem come from a place of ongoing firsthand experience and personal history on the frontline. Ian believes firmly that the only chance we have of saving the rhino is by legalising the trade of the horn. Listen as he spells out the issue, recounts the history, does the maths, and creates a thought-provoking argument for opening the sustainable trade of rhino horn to the demanding market.

Beyond this controversial issue, we dive into the pure magic and unique appeal of Zimbabwe as an African destination to see. Bushman rock art that surpasses your imagination, and rhino encounters on foot in an ancient landscape, guided by this true bushveld legend. There are stories upon stories that'll have you holding your breath and conjuring up some safari dreams...

We hope this is the first of at least a few conversations with Ian, as it just felt like a warm-up. A fascinating, informative, and funny encounter we are so honoured to have on Campfire Conversations and to share with you all - an audience interested and invested in the world of the wild.

Ian and those beloved rhinos. Photo courtesy of African Wanderer Safaris.

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Ian Hamer in the landscape of his birth. Photo courtesy of African Wanderer Safaris.