On the Podcast: Christina "Mufasa" van der Merwe

This episode comes with a PG warning, and it couldn't be more entertaining...

These are truly the UNTOLD stories from behind the scenes on safari involving guides, guests, friends, and colleagues in the industry that some might never have considered would make it onto a podcast.

But thanks to our treasured friend and superior safari chef, Christina “Mufasa” van der Merwe, we have a no-holds-barred Campfire Conversation that takes us through reels of bush bloopers that’ll have you belly laughing throughout.

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Recording this episode of the podcast with Christina at a beautiful lodge in Klaserie was an informal affair, and left very little room for catching our breath between stories!

Christina and Brett have a 12-year history together in the Lowveld, working together at some of the camps we’ve visited and loved for the longest time. Over the years, early careers and safari inductions have led to daring escapades and mortifying mishaps that are still remembered today. We’ve tried to remember to leave out names and places for the sake of dignity, but if you’ve crossed paths with these two over the last decade, you’re likely to pick up on a detail here and there as you listen. Shout outs to the mates who have given us the material for these tales - you’ll know who you are!

"Mufasa" as she's always been known to us and many others - in her natural habitat, cooking outdoors and never short of laughter-inducing stories.

Telling stories with the BHS crew in the bush.

Accidental rounds fired off, cars stuck on remote bush roads, red-wine walking safaris, rugby tackles around the fire, escape artists and intoxication… These stories just skim the surface of what’s buried in our shared memories. There’s no one else on Earth who could have nailed this assignment. It’s colourful and candid and at times we were breathless with laughter, which is all thanks to the entertaining delivery of these stories by our friend, Mufasa. She’s wild and wonderful, and she’s got the charisma and charm that make her irresistible. Above all, she’s a safari chef extraordinaire and the host with the most, and if you’re lucky enough to know her or to have been hosted by her on a BHS safari, you’ve been treated to the best.

Another epic meal cooked outside by the safari chef extraordinaire.

Christina's versatile character combined with her innate skill and passion for nurturing and nourishing her friends, clients, and her own family make her the uniquely skilled safari chef and host who will elevate any occasion.

This was one or two stories too short, and we’d love to have Christina around our campfire again. So we’ll rope her in for round II one of these days. But in the meantime, if you’re in the Hoedspruit Lowveld and planning a bash, make sure you get Mufasa’s Private Catering involved. If she’s not already booked up by us, she’s our first recommendation to you. Contact her on ⁠mufasasprivatecatering@gmail.com⁠ (you can be thankful she’s not on Instagram!) And let us know if you’re ready for the next instalment…

As always, reach out to us on ⁠hello@bhs-safari.co⁠, take a look at our website, or follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop of our never-ending adventures. Thanks to Karabo Ramuhashi who edited this season of the podcast for us, and to Trent Ashton⁠ who gave us his hand-drum beat to use in our intro.