On the Podcast: Destination Uganda with Brett Horley & Jo Cooper

A deep-dive into the Pearl of Africa - home of mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, volcanic slopes & equatorial forests, the Nile River, a hair-raising political history, and birds beyond your imagination.

This episode is the first in a series of destination-focused episodes we'll be sharing in this season of the podcast. We're re-introducing you to Jo Cooper, who was our very first guest back in 2020 in season 1 - he is a safari guru, overland extraordinaire, an expert at African border crossings, navigating roadside marketplaces in the most bustling cities across southern and eastern Africa, and he's as at home on the beach as he is in the bush.

Jo Cooper hooked up in our outdoor podcast studio, channeling knowledge from 13 years on the road in African wilderness destinations.

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Since our first chat in 2020, Jo has infiltrated our ecosystem as a resident in the Centre of the Universe (aka. Hoedspruit) and a pro in the guiding and safari travel community with his own overlanding business, Footsteps Through Africa. Earlier in 2023, Jo came on board full time at BHS, sharing the knowledge gained during 13 years on the road in African tourism, and the passion he so undeniably has for the wild and wonderful continent. Sometimes more wild than wonderful - we all agree - but the "wonderful" is worth its weight in gold. Which is why we are all here!

Uganda in particular is a special place to both Jo and Brett, and so we decided to launch the destination series with this spectacular country. Brett and Jo's combined knowledge and experience in Uganda is substantial - each having hiked the volcanic slopes of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, canoed the Delta-like Mabamba Swamp in search of the shoebill, sat in the mesmerising chaos of a chimpanzee community in Kibale, fished for the Nile perch in the river of the same name, and explored the seemingly unending sprawl of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Tree-climbing lions - unfortunately a less and less frequent sighting - in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Eye contact with a mountain gorilla on the forest floor, taken by Shannon Wild while on assignment with Jo in Uganda.

In this informal and entertaining conversation, Jo and Brett revisit some of the best memories, discuss what they've learned about Uganda's lesser known destinations and activities, and ultimately leave you more informed and rearing to press go on that bucket list trip to the equatorial African jungle.

Tune in and enjoy and let us know what you think!

Thanks to Karabo Ramahuhashi @karaborej who edited this season of the podcast for us, and to Trent Ashton @trent_ashton_nightingale who gave us his hand-drum beat to use in our intro.

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