Supporting Future Rangers with GCC

The GCC Future Rangers Program introduces local school learners to Careers in Conservation.

Children in nature, on safari, barefoot and climbing trees, and understanding the value of the wild world around them - these are the biggest reasons we are proud to be supporters of the Global Conservation Corps (GCC), and why we partner with them in conservation.

Careers in tourism

Careers in wildlife

Careers in hospitality

Careers in safari

These are all careers in CONSERVATION.

The more young minds discover and learn about nature, the more ambassadors for nature we have, and the more conservationists we nurture.

Students from Dayimani and Sokisi High Schools in the communities bordering the Kruger Park on a Future Rangers excursion with GCC.

Future Ranger exploring the historic and iconic Blyde Dam on a school excursion introducing local learners to local tourism.

We were lucky enough to be a part of a Future Rangers excursion in action this past week when high school learners from the community bordering the Greater Kruger visited Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and hiked in the Blyde River Canyon. Imagine the fascination and the excitement that brewed within the minds and hearts present on the day! Seeing rescued wildlife up close, and learning about the impacts of snaring, poaching, and overexploitation of wildlife.

Led by Mbhoni, Lefa, Promise and Matt from GCC, these students from Dayimani and Sokisi High Schools walked away with lessons from nature, in nature, and will continue to be supported through this carefully curated and monitored Future Rangers Program run in coordination with their school leaders. This is a partnership that goes the distance and that works to make lessons and experiences like these consistent and impactful.

Future Rangers at Moholoholo learning about the perils and long lasting impact of snaring.
Understanding local wildlife, its value, and the threats it faces.
Meeting a rescued honey badger at Moholoholo and learning about species in our local ecosystem.
Lessons about the world's largest green canyon - right on our doorstep.

These lessons and excursions are all recorded and contribute to the attending students' "nature CVs" so that one day when they make the jump from school to career, they have real insights, real experience, and real interest in finding a job in the booming tourism hub that is literally on their doorstep.

Hanging out with the locals at Moholoholo with the GCC team.
Discovering natural beauty on our doorstep with GCC and the Future Rangers.

Ask us if you'd like to find out more about the brilliant Future Rangers Program, the theory, and the technology behind supporting THIS generation into careers in conservation. We've talked to GCC Executive Director, Matt Lindenberg, on our podcast and we would love to connect more of our community with the brilliant work being done here.