Wish you were here! Our Instagram competition is heating up in 2020


Our #BHSwishyouwerehere competition is running for a third year in a row and we’re taking things up a notch, considering it’s a new decade and all! The requirements are simple and the prize is grand. How does a free safari for you and a partner sound? That’s what we thought, which is why we’ve put it on the table and are making it super easy to participate!

Two things:

  1. You’ll need to have an Instagram account.
  2. You’ll need to have an item of our branded BHS merchandise.


  1. Take a photo or video clip of your Brett Horley Safaris merchandise at whatever iconic location you’re at. (We’ve got peak caps, shirts, beaded bracelets, lip balms, travel bags, and more)
  2. Post it on your Instagram page.
  3. Follow us @bhs_safarico
  4. Tag us in your post.
  5. Tell us where the photo is taken.
  6. Use the hashtag #BHSwishyouwerehere

There will only be one winner this year. The person whose post gets the most likes will win!


2020’s Winner will receive this truly awesome prize for themselves and a partner: A three-night safari for two people in South Africa’s wildlife capital, the Greater Kruger!

The prize includes your accommodation for three nights at a private safari lodge, all meals, and all standard safari activities. It excludes travel to and from the lodge, conservation fees payable at the entrance gate, drinks, and staff gratuities.


Over the past two years, we’ve shared a bunch of images featuring our BHS peak cap in various places around the world. They’ve come from the colosseum to Costa Rica, and from Rwanda to the red wood forest of the USA. Past guests and friends of BHS have snapped a photo of their branded peak caps against the backdrop of their exotic destinations. We love it. It’s a demonstration of our close community, and of the meaningful bonds we have created in all corners of the globe.

This “competition” was born out of a genuine desire to give back to our guests and good mates who took the time to think of us wherever they were in the world. When we started getting a solid number of messages and pics of peak caps, we thought we’d share them with our online community and see who else was travelling with their BHS caps. Turns out, there are plenty of you out there!

So, #BHSwishyouwerehere was born. We were delighted to give away a customised, luxury, soft-shell, canvas and leather travel bag to the winner in 2018. In 2019, we got to award two winners with a BHS merchandise hamper. Thank you to all the regulars and first-timers for getting involved! In 2020, we’re going bigger and better than before and we hope you’ll be on board. The rules are changing slightly, but what we’re delivering is really very exciting. We hope you’ll be motivated to join in and post your photos!

We do believe this is one of the greatest places for exclusive, close encounters with Africa’s Big Five in a wild, protected area in Southern Africa. We’ve delivered memorable safari experiences in these private reserves for over a decade and our relationships with the operators on the ground are held in high stead. We know that by setting up a few nights in this amazing part of the country, we’re helping create lifetime experiences that our guests will never forget.


There will only be one winner, who announced in November this year! You’ve got plenty of time to shoot and post your best #BHSwishyouwerehere moments. Get cracking! We can’t wait to see where you’ve been.